Mental Effectiveness and Emotional Intelligence

Cultivate mental flow and propel your brain toward smarter and faster thinking. The BrainStream course gives you insights and techniques to enhance your mental effectiveness and leverage your emotional agility for maximum impact. The course tools will boost your concentration, focus and memory with research-based, proven brain exercises. Unleash your mental flow and unlock more of your potential as you challenge assumptions and biases that may hold you back. You will also learn how your thoughts, emotions, experiences and personal narratives impact your professional relationships and career. Course topics include how to:

  • Maximize lateral thinking for creativity
  • Develop emotional agility to increase motivation
  • Boost concentration, focus and memory


Tools & Tactics to Stay Adaptable

Although not sequential, this course synergizes with the Mental Agility course and provides a series of tools and tactics that will spur adaptable thinking at the individual and team levels. Trailblaze features a toolkit with many different tactics that will unlock your innovation potential and provide practical, timely results that will shift your thinking. These models are simple to understand and execute, yet will provide rich results and significant changes to the way you and your colleagues think. Designed to deliver results, the models will lead to immediate impact. Course topics include:

  • Adaptability Tools & Models
  • Practical Application of these Tools and Models
  • Bouncing Back from Failure

​What Makes Our Courses Unique?


Taking Change & Collaboration to the Next Level

This course aligns with Shift Happens as it provides a practical toolkit for how to deal with even the most-rapid and turbulent changes that occur in any organization. In Deep Shift delves into the broader frameworks from Shift Happens with even more-agile and nuanced models. This course boosts your mental and emotional adaptability and resilience. Think of it as a practicum: You take your current challenges with managing change and apply these tools to deal directly with these changes. More so, you will learn how to “stack” and “sync” two or three tools at once to refine your customized tactics even further. Course topics include:

  • Deploy Systematic Strategies for Action amidst the Chaos of Change that Balances Cold Logic with Human Behavior
  • Integrate Multiple Models to Create Innovative Change Solutions
  • Apply Key Change Lessons to Your Current Challenges


The Augmented Leader Certificate Series

*Each course is 1-2 days.


The Science, Systems, and Strategies of Multiple Intelligence & Wisdom—Made Practical!

This course launches your journey through the Interpersonal Dynamics of the internal self. These INNER-Personal Dynamics drive your success in all aspects of your life’s disposition and relationships, including the professional and career dimensions. It approaches these elements by breaking them down to the science, systems, and strategies of:

  • Multiple Intelligence: These intelligence types range from analytical and emotional to physical, naturalistic, and social.
  • Frameworks for Practical Wisdom, Purpose & Intuition: How can we scientifically understand these concepts and systematically leverage them toward professional, career, and leadership success? Learn tools that you can immediately deploy in these areas.
  • The Power of Will & Resilience vs. The Four Horsemen of Failure: Learn tactics and tools to overcome these Four Horsemen of Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, and Fear (SABF).


Understand Organizational Dynamics, Build Leverage & Exercise Ethics

Master organizational dynamics and create a desirable workplace. Navigate teaches the “invisible” and “intangible” world of workplace politics and how to build leverage and allies. Learn how to identify key political “rules” and tools for building social capital within an organization, while avoiding the pitfalls of dirty politics. Course topics include:

  • Build Your Political IQ, Balance Professional Ethics
  • Politics & Leverage: The Tactical & Practical
  • Craft Your Political Strategy


Adaptive Challenges, Systems Thinking and Process Design

As information increases in magnitudes, you will need stronger filters to find quality knowledge as well as simplified systems to process your thoughts effectively. Enter Processology. In this course, you will learn tools and tactics for managing the transformation that comes along with today’s dynamic, complex environment. Learn to distinguish between technical problems and adaptive challenges, as well as how to best lead and manage under challenging circumstances. The tools learned in this course will help you to build organizational development skills to increase productivity. Course topics include how to:

  • Diagnose work systems
  • Build an adaptive culture
  • Design processes to refine and enhance the system
  • Mobilize teams to take on challenges

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Ambient & Automated People Dynamics

Economics studies the management and flow of resources. When you highlight people and influence as our extremely precious resources, then you leverage effective ways to flow these into positive results. This course allows you to build broader, "ambient" influence in nearly-"automated" ways. This approach reflects an economic view, which emphasizes minimal input with maximum impact. Topics include:

  • Economics of Reputation & Context: Develop skills that systematically form a broader context of relationships and social environment toward building a stronger reputation.
  • Relationships, Mind & Matter: Rather than “mind over matter,” when it comes to influence, the mental and physical both matter. Understanding key concepts like Embodied Cognition and Relationship Typologies will help maximize mutual success amongst you and your colleagues.
  • Championship & Followership: How can you serve as both a Champion and Follower to truly achieve impact and high performance? Leverage models and tactics to champion and follow effectively—a powerful leadership combination!

*Each course is 1-2 days.


Power Words for Powerful Communication​Power Words for Powerful Communication
What’s a word worth? The worldwide advertising and branding industry alone spends $445 billion. A diplomat can spark wars or proliferate prosperity with just a few words. The Impactful Verbal Communication course elevates your ability to effectively use words to motivate and empower, increase collaboration and productivity, as well as develop talented managers and leaders. Course topics include:

  • Wield Words in Productive Ways
  • Increase Synergies with Others Through Words
  • Build Confidence & Influence Others


Self-Knowledge and Understanding Others with a Development Mindset
Strengthen interpersonal dynamics and collaborative solutions when you understand the PeopleQuotient. This course delivers insights into your natural tendencies in how you engage with your inner expectations and those of your colleagues. This directly impacts your success. Gain specific strategies to build peak performance for you and your team. These tools will energize and drive you to grow into a more effective, confident and empathetic leader. Course topics include:

  • Identify the Four Tendencies
  • Implement effective habit-forming strategies
  • Leverage self-and other-awareness to increase motivation and engagement
  • Develop high-performance teams with proven tools

This exciting series taps into the dynamic forces that drive positive development in your career, professional relationships and overall thought processes. Achieve more success as you leverage the key elements of brain science and interpersonal dynamics in straightforward, effective ways. Address challenges at their root cause and focus on the most effective solutions. Elevate your productivity, people and processes through practical tools presented in this series—as you grow into a truly Dynamic Leader. As the course titles below suggest, you will develop your:

  • BrainStream to unleash optimal thought flow and productivity
  • PeopleQuotient to develop your interpersonal intelligence of yourself and others
  • Processology to evaluate and create simple, practical systems that increase productivity

​Leadership Certificate Series

The Elevate Certificate Series provides professionals with the necessary leadership, influence and strategic-thinking skills to advance in today’s global, diverse work environment. Courses offered within this series emphasize these three core areas that prove necessary for successful talent development and organizational development, yet place them within a global context.


Leverage Your Surroundings, Personal Brand & Presence

Charisma encompasses appeal and magnetic attraction that leaders and influencers exhibit. Context consists of the environment and factors surrounding an event. Leverage this duo and you have a potent combination called Presence, which entails projecting those qualities to broaden an individual’s persona. Presence leads to influence, reputation through personal branding and the ability to utilize appropriate categories of power for corresponding situations. This course helps you boost your charisma and wield your context for optimal success. Course topics include:

  • Leverage the Multiple Power Types
  • Understand Your Context & Environment
  • Use Emotions in Negotiation & Motivation
  • The Brand Builder: Personal Branding & Marketing


The Strategic Leader Certificate Series

The Mastering Interpersonal Dynamics Certificate Series

*Each course is 1-2 days.

*Each course is 1-2 days.


Think Innovatively & Take Smart Risks

Mental Agility means thinking in adaptable, fresh and innovative ways to stay on the competitive edge. Even small changes will lead to improved collaboration, productivity and synergy amongst teams and organizations—multiple small changes can lead to a “sea change” of transformation. This course focuses on how to stay mentally flexible, generate fresh ideas, as well as innovate immediately, practically and consistently. Moreover, it focuses on risk and how taking risks can lead to transformation. Risk need not prove disruptive, as individuals will learn how to adapt and take risks in ways that organizations can accept and embrace. Course topics include:

  • Embrace Mental Agility
  • Types of Adaptable and Innovative Thinking
  • Risk-Taking Strategies​

Communication, influence and relationships synergize into peak people performance. By boosting both verbal and non-verbal communication, this series helps professionals, from individual contributors to front-line managers, influence others. Ultimately, these actions build relationships that improve collaboration and productivity in any organization. You will:

  • Develop influence skills
  • Cultivate individual awareness and team relationships
  • Master interpersonal dynamics

​In order to master interpersonal dynamics, you need to primarily focus on understanding people and how we interact with one another. This essentially focuses on gaining insights into two primary areas: people systems and relationship synergies. The Mastering Interpersonal Dynamics series provides practical, research-based tools to help you achieve mastery in these two people-centered domains.

We all know agility and competitive edge drive organizational success, yet how do we encourage an adaptive mindset for our team members? The Innovative Leader uniquely addresses mental and behavioral agility to drive individual and organizational success. Whether you’re an individual contributor or a manager, you will utilize different models and methods to effect change. These shifts, even minor ones, will improve your productivity and team dynamics. You will:

  • Leverage practical tools to increase adaptability & cutting-edge thinking
  • Unlock right-brain and left-brain capabilities
  • Shift existing thinking and maximize new ideas
  • Influence others to adopt your agile and innovative processes
  • Transform conflict into collaboration that boosts organizational productivity


Yes, It Is About Who You Know

The Networking, Influence & Strategic Relationships course elevates your ability to strengthen your relationships with other professionals in mutually beneficial ways. Based on research and presented in practical, interactive ways, this lively course focuses on helping you to boost your networking skills and social capital. These relationships prove critical in driving performance and results—or simply making the workplace the best culture and environment for you and your colleagues. Course topics include:

  • The Science of First Impressions That Last & Influence Others
  • Networking Development, Building Strategic Relationships & Social Capital
  • Organizational Politics: An Introduction to Dealing with Them Ethically

​​University of California Certificate
UC San Diego, an accredited university, will award you a certificate upon completion of the full series.

Trademarked Trailblaze Tools
Elevate’s signature tools leverage fresh innovative insights into a visual, design-driven format—this aligns with how people learn.

Interactive Learning
Elevate features learning that appeals to multiple senses and dynamically engages participants.

Collective Intelligence & Wisdom
Elevate leverages the collective intelligence and wisdom from a team of faculty to optimize the curriculum—and your learning experience!

The Innovative Leader Certificate Series


Effective Decision-Making Strategies for the Information-Inundated Professional

Thrive elevates your ability to grow while multiplying your strategic toolkit. Create multiple decision-making strategic models that prove simple, yet effective. These models follow a quadrant-based system of strategic decision-making, equipping professionals with the necessary tools that will systematize, clarify and simplify how we make decisions. Course topics include:

  • Self-Awareness: The Flow, The Johari Window & The Making-Of
  • Self-Development: The Project Portfolio, The Eisenhower & The Rubber Band
  • Understand Others: Double Loop Learning & The Black Swan
  • Develop Others: Situational Leadership & The 6 Hats

*Each course is 1-2 days.

​Leaders in organizations often discuss the need for their teams to develop strategic-thinking skills—this runs true for both individual contributors and managers. Similarly, team members often express challenges in fully learning the seemingly invisible and intangible organizational culture, office dynamics and politics necessary to advance and prove effective. This short-course certificate program helps you integrate both strategic thinking and organizational savvy through interactive and practical learning. You will:

  • Boost performance through strategic thinking
  • Make decision-making more strategic and effective
  • Gain practical tools to augment team collaboration
  • Decipher organizational politics


The Science & Methods of Strategic Thinking for Individuals

Elevate your ability to think and act strategically. Learn how to develop a more strategic mind through key frameworks and step-by-step methods. The Strategic View focuses on crafting novel, visionary approaches to seize opportunities, manage risks simultaneously, align with the organization’s goals and challenge rigid mind blocks. Course topics include:

  • Strategic Thinking Illuminated: Key Components
  • The Strategic Cornucopia: Multiple Strategy Models
  • Position Your Own Meta-Strategic Framework
  • Apply & Test Strategic Scenarios
  • Systems & Process Mapping to Solve Challenges


The Dynamic Leader Certificate Series


Active and Attraction-Based Influence Strategies

Persuasion can be deployed actively in a “push” format, or draw others in a “pull” manner. More so, it can take active effort, or function almost automatically once you build a foundation. This course explores different forms of persuasion and how to use them. You will learn:

  • The Attention Economy: As more forces around us vie for our attention, how do you effectively apply tools that will capture attention share to persuade others?
  • Emotional and Positive Psychology-Based Persuasion: Learn how to create positive relationships and results through emotional persuasion tactics.
  • Power Words: Language can persuade in nuanced and high-impact ways. Learn tools for linguistic leverage.​