The Elevate Certificate Series provides professionals with the necessary leadership, influence and strategic-thinking skills to advance in today’s global, diverse work environment. Courses offered within this series emphasize these three core areas that prove necessary for successful talent development and organizational development, yet place them within a global context.


Interactive & Team-Based Learning

The Elevate Leadership Certificate Program features curriculum that appeals to multiple senses and dynamically engages participants.​

Minimum Investment,  Maximum Return

The Elevate Leadership Certificate Program is geared
toward individual contributors to second-line managers looking for a condensed, homework-free opportunity
​for professional development.

Executive-Level Guest Speakers

Engage executive guest speakers in
an intimate setting and directly apply
​classroom learnings to their experiences.

Research-Based Curriculum

Practical research and input from executives drive the credibility and effectiveness of our curricula.

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The Strategic Leader: Leaders in organizations often discuss the need for their teams to develop strategic-thinking skills—this runs true for both individual contributors and managers.  Similarly, team members often express challenges in fully learning the seemingly invisible and intangible organizational culture, office dynamics and politics necessary to advance and prove effective.  This short-course certificate program helps you integrate both strategic thinking and organizational savvy through interactive and practical learning.

The Augmented Leader: Communication, influence and relationships synergize into peak people performance. By boosting both verbal and non-verbal communication, this series helps professionals – from individual contributors to front-line managers – to influence others. Ultimately, these actions build relationships that improve collaboration and productivity in any organization.

The Adaptive Leader: We all know agility and competitive edge drives organizational success, yet how do we encourage an adaptive mindset for our team members? The Adaptive Leader uniquely addresses mental and behavioral agility to drive individual and organizational success. Whether you’re an individual contributor or a manager, you will utilize different models and methods to effect change. These shifts, even minor ones, will improve your productivity and team dynamics.

The OUTperfoming Leader: Research establishes a strong link between gay managers with high-performing and more engaged teams when compared to their counterparts. Through similar trials and triumphs, LGBTQ & Advocate leaders have honed their ability to include, engage and unlock the best in their organizations. This program ELEVATES organizational productivity and profitability by empowering LGBTQ & Advocate leaders with immediately applicable tools to lead outperforming teams. 

Elevate Leadership Certificate Program Offerings